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I m single and i love it

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I m single and i love it

It's just not socially acceptable to be unmarried past age Sometimes the pull is so great that we fall into despair. Are you ready to rock? We smile and sigh, satisfied to see the nice girl finally getting her big day. What would you tell your younger self? I knew he would make a great boyfriend for someone, just not me.

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Random Tux: I'm dating a Greek man and each dinner is just like it it's unbearable lol

Kswannie: Make a swedish one, please!

Renato Tapia: I just desagree about the No part. If we say No, it means No. Don't try to insist.

Qmadeline: I must say as someone who hears Brazilian Portuguese.that did not sound Portuguese

Fire Fux: I like the London one

Spring Mangle: Can thing is a lie. There are much more ways to make food awful.

Lana Fischer: It's one big stereotype you're showing here. Some things are true but you've exaggerated them way too much.

Yulia Lin: Not accurate at all. some scenes were overeacted .

Brent B: Please do a you know your dating a Norwegian woman and man Episode please !

Karo-Chan: Are American women/men coming soon? 3

Carlo Mayer: Aren't honesty, punctuality and neatness the most important things in life?

Greg Eisman: So cute 3


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They often dream about finding that person who they can snuggle with at night and share toothbrushes with. This is where my family and friends are. Or would you find yourself disgusting? Commenters must follow our Terms of Use.

Now I know life can be just as fulfilling without a partner. Want to know what they're thinking?

Kingwiss: Helllooooo costa rica

Kasino80: I from suouth america PINSHI RACIST :V

Trap Junky: I love that song!

Tom Roca: I love the venezuelan/colombian women

Jeremy Sierro: Brazilian is more like singing. And portugues is neutral.

AdriГ Prat: Slovak language was missing, it is the sexiest of all

Jude Boddah: You're dating a russian girl when she puts her hardbass CD on the player.

Dilson Luiz: Just so you know. In the big cities of the USA such as NYC, LA, etc. finding a Filipina who isn't dating a white guy is like finding a winning lotto ticket in trash filled with paper. It's that rare. Finding a white guy with whatever ethnic girl is easy to find but finding a filipina who is dating another race, much more her own, is in a million.

Claire Diza: How's the song at the start called?

King Cook: I'm french and I am crazy with Russian and especially (posh English accents !

Adrian Koh: And please send Hi from me to Yara from Jordan :D

Mike Perkins: Perfeito. simplesmente. perfeito

Mei Chu: Israel girls kind of reminds of of Latina girls

TheCliquetalk: Hhaha very weird i dont know . that how filipino works now. haha it is common to us

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How long does it take?

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  • Relax into loving your single life because nothing is quite as...
  • The amount of moment a solar stall phone charger takes to sortie a apartment phone depends on the wattage...

  • HELP! I'm Single and LONELY! Being single is not the end of the world, blah, blah, blah. I always hear...
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  1. She shells out hundreds of dollars for a cab to take her back and forth between two weddings on the same night.

  2. People take in the view of the Mississippi River and fall foliage from an overlook off Mississippi River Blvd.

  3. She shells out hundreds of dollars for a cab to take her back and forth between two weddings on the same night.

  4. To take cognizance of cognitive transmit, its easiest to start with ground-based applications.

  5. Nevertheless, when the low-down that your mate is cheating on you is send directly in your clock, its bordering on weird to last in disaffirmation any longer.

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