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Dating husbands lindy zart author

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Bianca's snarky humor and her quirky family were so entertaining. Bianca is hilarious, smart, funny, narcissitic but in a good-kind-of-way. I was unsure if an author that wrote a book that could make me that heart broken could also pull off a slapstick comedy.

Another read through by the author probably would have made the book much better. This was a very funny book and I loved every minute of it! Sep 03, Jacinda Owen rated it it was amazing. I liked Drew's character for the most part, but there were times some of his reactions seemed over-dramatic for the tough guy he was supposed to be.

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  • Author Lindy Zart: Bianca and Drew, Dating Husbands
  • Dating Husbands by Lindy Zart
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Dating Husbands - Roommate Hookup

Bianca Fisher is a no nonsense, sassy, witty, and somewhat, okay full on, bitter woman. Lindy Zart is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors and not because we share a name ; I would recommend this book!!! Unintentionally, Bianca helps Drew see that there is more living left to his life. This and more reviews at The Book Bar.

He was my favorite character in this story, the most real person, I felt for him in the story and rooted for his happily ever after. Dating Husbands is a sort-of light read, full of sarcasm that not everyone can appreciate and tons of moments that make you laugh out loud. I'm at the point now where the only thing I need to know is she wrote the book, and I want to read it.

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