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Riyas komu wife sexual dysfunction

Riyas Komu with one his works from the Gandhi series in Delhi. One of his panels, which has a smiling Mahatma Gandhi painted on a red background, was recently on...

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There would have been a moveable screen that the India Art Fair committee suggested for G Ravinder Reddy's "Objects of Desire" that had full-bodied feminine forms in gold, blue and red in an apparent act of surface seduction but trying to unsettle the notions of beauty and propriety. But the gallery refused because that would have reinforced the same morality that the artist wants the viewers to examine in context of the gaze in a time of state censuring. The bodacious busts, the full hips and the no-flat stomachs modeled on South Indian women and goddesses, the sculptures are full with details like red paint on the toenails and red lips.

The year began with the display of many politically and socially engaged artworks by artists like Reddy, who is an alumnus of MS University, Baroda, and has a diploma in art and design from London's Goldsmiths College, who is known for "outrageous" depiction of the female form and going against the Victorian notions of beauty imposed in a post colonial society. The gold sculpture titled "woman on stool" showcased at the India Art Fair and curated by arts consultant and author Anupa Mehta, and presented by her Mumbai-based gallery, THE LOFT, is an exercise in unapologetic provinciality with the women wearing flowers in their hair that is pulled back in a bun or a braid.

All art has politics, whether it is acknowledged or not, says Mumbai-based artist Sudarshan Shetty. And recently the question of how artists in India are creating their art around that politics is being addressed as artists' infuse their work with the predominant preoccupations, including the clashes between traditional civilizations and the new digitized life like Anju Dodiya whose solo exhibition called The Air is a Mill of Hooks referenced from Sylia Plath's poem Mystic, has a figure eating books symbolizing fear against censorship and an act of holding on, the new fundamentalism of religion as opposed to the founding principles of the country as manifested in the brave work of Riyas Komu, whose exhibition in Delhi in February called Holy Shiver disorients the viewer with the artist depicting hanging as was done in the medieval era in a sculpture form, which is almost an act of disruption.

This award-winning artist draws inspiration from William Blake. Again, the sculptures of Debanjan Roy depicting Gandhi with an iPod or trying to take a selfie at the India Art Fair is not a subtle form of expression.

He shocks and disorients.

Five artists whose recent works are creative responses to political and cultural disruptions.

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A walk through recent shows around the country and one has a list of artistic expressions engaging with politics: Men, women and children looking up to nowhere. Suspended into space, they are looking upwards into oblivion. Google Doodle commemorates Children's Day Riyas Komu, Vadehra Art Gallery. In the catalogue, Anita Dubey, who was then a member of the Indian Radical Painters' and Sculptors' Association and now the curator for the fourth edition of the Kochi-Muziris Biennale, said "All around us we are seeing the function of art being compromised and its elitist base being strengthened.

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