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Medicalizing homosexuality in christianity

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What do Christians have against Homosexuality? Tim Keller at Veritas [8 of 11] - Hookup To Relationship

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However, in the 20th century some prominent theologians and Christian religious groups have espoused a wide variety of beliefs and practices towards homosexuals, including the establishment of some 'open and accepting' congregations that actively support LGBT members. These were members who were familiar with the research findings showing that homosexuality occurred in large numbers of people, in persons who demonstrated normal psychological adjustment, and that it is present across a range of cultures.

Restated, this sort of experimental design inherently structures scientific data in such a way as to equate heterosexuality with functional status and queerness with dysfunction. Each of these shifts represents a step towards improving healthcare access to and delivery for queer people.

In the year , the Christian emperors Constantius II and Constans decreed the death penalty for any male who "marries [a man] as a woman Prior to the rise of Christianity, certain sexual practices that people today call "homosexual" [2] had existed among certain groups, with some degree of social acceptance in ancient Rome and ancient Greece e.

Similarly, queer theory has also been on the margins in German philosophy and political philosophy.

Medicalizing homosexuality in christianity Medicalizing Sexual Inversion
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  1. Christian leaders have written about homosexual male-male sexual activities since the first decades of Christianity ; female-female sexual behaviour was essentially ignored.

  2. Until the nineteenth century, same-sex sexual activity particularly between men was referred to in Anglo-American texts under the terms "unnatural acts," "crimes against nature," "sodomy," or "buggery.

  3. Although the term is new, discussions about sexuality in general, and same-sex attraction in particular, have occasioned philosophical discussion ranging from Plato's Symposium to contemporary queer theory.

  4. The medicalization of queer bodies in the clinic and the lab is inexorably linked to the history of LBGTQ politics.

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