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Dating a millionaire man

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Ben Yessin: Just noticed that the Dutch guy paid for the date. I thought that Dutch guys always you know.go Dutch lol!

Megantje: I want a German girlfriend so I can do German porn things to her.

Kenji974: I got jajaj

James Florez: It's a driving city, not a walking city.

Ar Rene: Bwahahahahahahahahaha that is so true

Nani Pani: Problem is they can be real bitches like no mames wei.

Ayan Rizvi: Do American Women, please.

Migiel El: Sorry guys, but as an Israeli, I can tell you the stereotypes in this clip are BS.

Strike Taing: Can you make a video about Slovenia please? :D I'm on exchange there!

Witch Yuria: What a load of bollocks.make a 5 minute video to sum up 25 million English women. The internet is turning people into morons. If you want to find out what English women are like, dont bother you will never find out because like German, Mexican or Nigerian Women they are all different.

Nataly Romero: I want an Italian woman to yell at me

Randyhandbag: So I live in the country that is most pro splitting the bill (germany which is great because equality. But then it's also not so great because my wallet. :P

Paul Solaman: I loved when one of the guys spoke Russian to the woman speaking Russian xD


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Ana Amaro: This guy is in half of the videos and fails every fucking time lol

Angflo Gaming: All the languages are awesome!

Anna Tinning: I'm super excited to post this one as it was such a great time filming in Lisbon. Thanks for the local cast/crew. Working with Portuguese people rocks!

Sayouri: I am French and I know that it is not French

Mightyy. Jahh: Bullshit american girls only think about themselves russian girls could not care less about what they look like for them its more important to do something good for others not them selves like the fake americans

Pas Sion: Asian Languages Next!

Hasselnot: Carabinieri are more easy going than this girl believe me. 08

Aria VCADSDM: Mom.I think I'm in love with her.

Guilherme Z: The greek-turkish hug was so

Silvi Rioli: Always pay the dinner. at the beginning.

Vector Vic: Also the first time an Irish girl or guy hooks up with someone they will always be super wasted !

FabioA.: I'm Brazilian and the girl that spoke Portuguese actually read a frase from a famous song and it was very bad but I recognize that Portuguese is hard af

Chris St-D: Nothing like english women

Woolala90: I'm a Peruvian Spanish speaker and I'm in love with the female Colombian and Spanish accent.

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Dating a millionaire man
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  • How to Date a Millionaire. Dating a millionaire sounds like a fairy tale for a lot of women and...

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  1. If women truly don't care than they should stop making cracks to guys when they piss her off about how shrimpy he is

  2. Hey Laci, I'm curious about your opinion on teen pregnancy/mothers (since we miss seeing your beautiful face, maybe you could make a video about it?)

  3. The rich dating category is designed to match financially rich people with those who want to share in their lifestyle.

  4. Just by the sound of it, dating a millionaire feels like something that would work to your advantage.

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