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Lyric to love you more

Take me, back in to the arms I love Need me, like you did before Touch me once again and remember when There was no one that you wanted more....

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Borghild Project

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  • Love You More - Lyric Video on Vimeo
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  • Lyrics to "To Love You More" song by Celine Dion: Take me back...

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Bad First kiss, why so stiff?

Stanbalo: What else rymes with their pronunciation of tode

Vaumfla: Pointing with your mouth probably came from the Spanish. We do the same all over Latin America.

Nisu Nisar: When you hit 30 it's great! You have money, looks, you are smarter than in your 20s. and that whole reserved tentative approach is OUT zee window!


Traci Veno: Do Australia next.

Alec S.P: Why are they dressed in the beginning as a flamenco trio? lmao

Misshowzat: Do a video on croatian women

Jim Behr: Love it! Always amazing videos!

Miguel Molano: I liked the Scottish and London accent

Alex Loskutov: I was working in Paris and I was certain Parisian girls were the loveliest. I'd already been all over the planet, except Russia. Then I lived in Moscow for 3 months. Muscovite women, of all ages, without exception are the most beautiful. Leningrad girls too. Video is mostly spot in, but there are so many other charming things about these girls, from their jokes to their literacy.


Mix - To Love You More-Celine Dion-Lyrics - Dating Site With Free Messaging

Mason Perry: I am a simple man , I see sex on the title , I click.

Khwezi C: The comments section is literally Thanksgiving, niggas gettin roasted and throwin shade. What a fucking time to be alive. Btw the music was shite, don't EVER do it again.

Rob Ch.: The guy from Manchester speaks the truth. If you try any of that up north the lucky lady will get half the family on ya

Neeraj Dabir: They banged and he ditched her. I got that all from the body language at the end.

MsSunhappy: I really loved this one, can you give us a clue of when you'll do spanish men or women? Thanks, love your channel so much xx

Richard W: No but when girl just sits and you need a gun to get her to talk thats big no no, I mean its like sitting with a cactus, it doesnt speak and you dont wanna touch it. :D

Grant Smith: I don't give a crap about technology because it's replacing brain activity and effort making us numb zombies.

Lisann W: Please do making a Venezuelan Woman!

Mira Yazan: Russians biggest gold diggers in the world.

Sarah P: My girlfriend showed this video to her mom and now they are cautious about what to serve me at dinner!

Martyna Walas: If I really want to make out with French guys, I rather lick a wet carpet, cause it is about the same taste as real pussy.

Chloe Ace: They are like Italian women :)


Hey Wassup: Can you make spanish man version? I really want to know how it would like dating spanish guys.

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  1. Sure what they're doing is bad, but bitch you're only doing this just to get yourself bigger on youtube

  2. This is an interesting rxn. I've really never heard of a case where depo induced a gain of 100 lbs. Interesting!

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